Drought can strain water resources – conservation encouraged

Drought happens when a prolonged period of abnormally dry or unusually hot weather causes an imbalance between available water resources with water demand.  Droughts are subtle – they sneak up and surprise you if you’re not paying attention.  Based on the current U.S. Drought Monitor, Anoka County is experiencing severe drought intensity.  If drought conditions persist, our area may experience a serious hydrologic imbalance.

When a serious hydrologic imbalance occurs, soil moisture reserves, groundwater supplies, lake levels and stream flows are negatively influenced. Water-dependent industries including agriculture, public utilities, forestry, and tourism are profoundly affected.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to always use water wisely and conserve this precious resource.  See the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Water Conservation or Metropolitan Council Water Conservation Toolbox web pages for information about how you can conserve water and save money.

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