About KTF

The Know The Flow website (www.KnowTheFlow.us) is a water resources management initiative to provide public information and coordination among Anoka County agencies, communities and water management organizations.  The Anoka County Water Resources Management Report (2014) states: “Residents, businesses, and organizations are willing to cooperate in the protection and management of their natural resources, when asked and where supported. Leadership and enduring community support are critical elements to garner wider public cooperation.”   Anoka County Environmental Services coordinates the Know The Flow website.  For more information contact Abby Shea (763-324-4207; Abby.Shea@co.anoka.mn.us).

Know The Flow annual web post catalogs: 201420152016

Anoka County is addressing local water resource issues in a cooperative effort with the Conservation District, Extension Service, the twenty-one communities, seven watershed management organizations, lake improvement districts, lake associations and other interested parties. See Directory of Agencies to learn more about these partners.

The Anoka County Water Resources Management Report, produced by these partners, outlines a coordinated approach to water resource protection and management.  Members of the Anoka County Water Resources Task Force provide advice and recommendations for a county-wide effort to protect our citizens as we protect and manage our water resource.

The members of the Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group have established an efficient and cost effective cooperative program to protect the groundwater source of community drinking water systems through jointly implementing common elements of their wellhead protection plans.  The municipal members of the ACMWPG combined their resources and energy to establish the KnowTheFlow.us website (see Statement of Purpose and Authorization).  Wellhead protection is a program to reduce the impacts of pollution on groundwater near public water supply wells.  The community members of the Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group are Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, Coon Rapids, Fridley, Lexington, Lino Lakes, Saint Francis and Spring Lake Park.

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