East Bethel is marked by its new water tower

East Bethel’s newest and highest structure is the 500,000 gallon water tower tank marking a city poised to grow.

By developing a water utility along the highway 65 corridor, the City of East Bethel will soon join 726 Minnesota municipalities in operating a Community Water Supply system (see article).  Not only will East Bethel provide reliable water service to customers – the system will be operated by certified professionals and the water will be regularly tested to insure that it remains safe to drink.  East Bethel will also implement a wellhead protection program to prevent pollution near city wells and protect the city’s source of water (groundwater).

In addition, East Bethel and the Metropolitan Council are installing sewers and a treatment plant to meet the growing need to treat higher volumes of wastewater generated by businesses.  Some business onsite septic systems do not have the area to expand or capacity to meet future growth.

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