Residents urged to ACT for drinking water protection

Acknowledge, Consider, Take action

The Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group urges you to take three steps (Acknowledge, Consider and Take Action) to protect our important groundwater resource and the source of your drinking water.

​1. ACKNOWLEDGE that preventing ground water pollution protects the water that we drink

  • ​​​​​​Everyone
    • ​​Our lifestyle is due, in part, to our abundance of clean water.
    • Household hazardous substances must be used and disposed of safely.
    • We want our natural resources and our drinking water protected from pollution.
  • For those that own a well or are in a wellhead protection area
    • Protection of a home well begins with the well owner.
    • Residents near a public well have a part in the protection of drinking water.
    • Protection of a community water supply must be a community effort.

2.​ CONSIDER your options to protect the groundwater that is the source of your drinking water

3. TAKE ACTION to prevent pollution of drinking water

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