Keeping hazardous chemicals out of drinking water

Greg Kottsick (Fridley Utilities Manager) gave the attendees at the Anoka County Hazardous Waste Management Training (for Very Small Quantity Generators) some good reasons to properly manage their wastes. “Generating hazardous waste is part of doing business, but it should never reach a municipal water supply well contaminating a community’s drinking water,” said Kottsick.

Fridley is a member of the Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group of ten water suppliers (Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, Fridley, Lexington, Lino Lakes, St. Francis and Spring Lake Park). Municipal water suppliers are going the extra mile to protect the groundwater source of their community’s drinking water. Businesses and institutions in Anoka County attend the annual Hazardous Waste Generator Workshops to keep up on the latest management techniques to prevent pollution from harming our air, land and water resources.

Topics included in the hazardous waste workshop:

  • License Requirements
  • Manifests and Records
  • Waste Accumulation and Container Management
  • Aerosol and Electronic Wastes
  • Wellhead Protection and Water Pollution Prevention
  • Recycling Latex Paint (Amazon Environmental)
  • Business Recycling Assistance (Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions)
  • Calculating and Reducing License fees

A small quantity generator hazardous waste workshop will take place in September. For more information contact Laura Schmidt at Anoka County Environmental Services (763-422-7253,

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