Anoka water almanac 2016 is now available

The 2016 Anoka Water Almanac (20+ Mb) provides a comprehensive review of the quantity and quality of Anoka County water resources in 2016.  This almanac summarizes water resources management and monitoring work done as a cooperative effort between the Anoka Conservation District the watershed districts or watershed management organizations.

The Almanac presents water information on a watershed basis (that also serves as an annual report for the watershed organization that helps fund the work). Do you know which of the seven watersheds in Anoka County that you are located? If you want to learn about the current condition or trends in your local water (quality or quantity) the Water Almanac is a good place to start.

For more information contact the Anoka Conservation District’s Water Resources Specialist, Jamie Schurbon, at 763-434-2030.

The Almanac summarizes water information and projects performed by the Anoka Conservation District.

The Almanac summarizes water information.

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