2016 Citizen Water Monitoring Reports Ready

With the many lakes, streams and creeks found throughout Anoka County – how can we tell if our water resources remain clean? It’ll take a lot to monitor and track trends in the quality of our water resources. Volunteers make the difference by collecting and sharing water quality information. And that data is shared through the Citizen Water Monitoring web page.

You can now view the 2016 Citizen Lake and Stream Monitoring Program data! To access the 2016 data, go to the Citizen Monitoring Program Individual Site Report website. From there you can navigate to the data on specific lakes, creeks or streams.

You can also link to water quality assessment information for your lake or stream and review trend results to find out if transparency is improving or declining over time on your favorite waterbody.

To learn more about the Citizen Science Water Monitoring Program visit the MPCA’s Citizen Water Monitoring web page or view the videos: MPCA Citizen Science Program (MPCA YouTube; 3:46); EPA Volunteers Make Citizen Science Work (EPA YouTube; 2:12); Can Citizen Science Save Us? (TEDxStanford YouTube) or call the MPCA at 651-296-6300 and ask to speak to the Citizen Water Monitoring program coordinator.

  • To become a Citizen Lake Monitoring volunteer visit the CLMP sign-up web page.
  • To become a Citizen Stream Monitoring volunteer visit the CSMP sign-up web page.
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