Disasters don’t plan ahead. You can.

September is National Preparedness Month

We should all take action to prepare! We are all able to help first responders in our community by training how to respond during an emergency and what to do when disaster strikes — where we live, work, and visit. The goal of NPM is to increase the overall number of individuals, families, and communities that engage in preparedness actions at home, work, business, school, and place of worship.

2017 Weekly Themes

  1. Week 1: Sept. 1-9 (Make a Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends)
  2. Week 2: Sept. 10-16 (Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community
  3. Week 3: Sept. 17-23 (Practice and Build Out Your Plans)
  4. Week 4: Sept. 24-30 (Get Involved! Be a Part of Something Larger)


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