Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale

Order a Compost Bin & Rain Barrel

The Recycling Association of Minnesota has partnered with Green Lights Recycling (Blaine) to provide Anoka County residents with rain barrels and compost bins at low cost. For more information, call the Recycling Association of Minnesota at (651) 641-4589 or email beth@recycleminnesota.org

TO ORDER click here 

PICK UP your rain barrel and/or compost bin 4-7PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at:

Green Lights Recycling
10040 Davenport St NE, Blaine, MN 55449

Rain Catcher Rain Barrel ( $79 plus tax)

  • The large opening and flat back design allow for easy installation and placement of the downspout while the spoke and wheel pattern in the top of the barrel keeps it child and pet safe.
  • The overflow connection at the back of the barrel allows excess water to flow down and underneath the barrel to direct it away from foundations.
  • Spigots on the side of the barrel allow you to connect multiple Rain Catcher barrels in-series for easy expansion of your rain water storage capacity.
  • The aluminum mesh screen keeps out debris and mosquitoes to keep the water clear and keep your family safe from insect borne illnesses.

Place them around your home to catch fresh chlorine-free water as it pours from your downspouts – Water that would otherwise make its way into storm sewers only to be wasted. Rain barrels not only save you money but lessen the strain on water resources.

Home Composter Compost Bin $64 plus tax*

*Anoka County residents can get this bin for only $44 plus tax! To receive the discounted price, pre-order online at RecycleMinnesota.org and enter promo code Anoka.

• Made of sturdy, yet lightweight, 100% recycled plastic materials
• Two-piece construction for easy transporting and turning of materials
• Large capacity: 17 cu. ft.
• Wide opening at the top – easy to add and view materials
• Lockable lid to deter animals
• Sliding doors on each side to monitor status of compost

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