Ramsey drinking water protection plan moving forward

A Public Information Meeting was held at Ramsey City Hall (Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 5:30pm) where Part 1 of the amended Ramsey Wellhead Protection Plan was presented to the Public Works Committee.

The City of Ramsey is updating and improving its wellhead protection plan for its water supply wells. The Minnesota Department of Health approved the amendment of Part 1 of the City’s plan. Part 1 (of 2) includes information pertaining to:

  1. The delineation of the wellhead protection area(s),
  2. The Drinking Water Supply Management Area boundaries, and
  3. An assessment of the vulnerability of the wells and DWSMAs.

A complete copy of the Part 1 plan amendment containing the technical information used to delineate the wellhead protection areas, drinking water supply management areas, and aquifer vulnerability of City wells is available at Ramsey City Hall. For more information contact Bruce Westby, Engineer, City of Ramsey at 763-433-9825.

Bruce Westby, Ramsey City Engineer, describing well capture zones.
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