Reminder: Well Sealing Cost-Share Opportunity

The Anoka Conservation District (ACD) is still looking for eligible landowners wanting to seal their unused wells!

ACD has been awarded grants through the Clean Water Fund to establish their Abandoned Well Sealing Cost-Share Program, which helps landowners with the cost of sealing unused wells on their property. Wells located in a Drinking Water Supply Management Area (DWSMA) in Anoka County can qualify for up to 60% cost share.

Why seal unused wells? Unused/unsealed wells can serve as direct conduits for pollution from the surface to reach our aquifers and therefore our drinking water supplies. It is very important for these wells to be sealed by a professional. Cost can be a barrier for landowners to seal their unused wells, so this is a great opportunity from the ACD! See the video at the end of this post to learn more about sealing unused wells.

DWSMAs are particularly vulnerable areas of groundwater, as they are the areas directly surrounding a public water supply well. Don’t know if your unused well is in a DWSMA? Check out the map below for a broad view, or click here to view an interactive map. Otherwise, call Kris Larson with the ACD at (763) 434-2030 x11 to help determine if you are eligible or for more information. If you received a postcard from ACD, your property already qualifies!

Visit the program website at for more information and for a step-by-step guide to how the program works. It is important that you wait to receive a cost-share approval letter from ACD before you seal your well. Funding may not be applied retroactively to wells that have already been sealed.

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