Anoka County Well Water Testing Updates

The Anoka County Well Water Testing program will continue to operate on a limited basis through at least June 1st. Please see below for details. Stay tuned to for the most updated information.

With the program being limited during the first week of May, Well Water Wise week, which normally occurs that week, will be postponed. Anoka County Environmental Services is planning on hosting Well Water Wise week July 19th-23rd, 2021. Stay tuned to this website and for the official notification.

Water samples for sanitary analysis (bacteria and nitrates) will be accepted on the last Monday (1-4 pm) and Tuesday (9-11:30 am) of each month. Water samples for other analyses (arsenic, manganese, lead, etc.) will not be accepted at this time. An appointment and pre-payment over the phone are required. Please see the full details below. The upcoming dates and times for water sample collection are:

  • Monday, March 29th, 1-4 pm
  • Tuesday, March 30th, 9-11:30 am
  • Monday, April 26th, 1-4 pm
  • Tuesday, April 27th, 9-11:30 am
  • Monday, May 24th, 1-4 pm
  • Tuesday, May 25th, 9-11:30 am

The drop-off table will be located on the 1st floor of the Anoka County Government Center near the main door.

Below are the criteria for dropping off a sample:

  1. Sample kits (sample collection bottle and blue sampling sheet with instructions) must be obtained ahead of time. No kits will be available on the drop-off days. Kit locations are listed below.
  2. A drop-off appointment must be made by calling ahead and paying in advance with a credit card over the phone. No cash or checks allowed, and no credit cards will be accepted the day of drop-off. Call (763) 324-4260 to make an appointment and pay.
  3. The blue sampling sheet must be completed ahead of time. No pens will be available to use at the drop-off table.
  4. Specific water-related questions can be directed ahead of time to Abby Shea at (763) 324-4207.
  5. Only samples for sanitary analysis (bacteria and nitrates) will be accepted at this time. If other testing is desired, it can be performed at a later date or a private laboratory can be recommended.
  6. Social distancing guidelines must be respected, and masks are required. Rules of the drop-off area must be followed.

Water test kits are currently available at the following locations:

  • Andover City Hall
  • Blaine City Hall
  • Blaine Public Works (1801 101st Ave NE, Blaine; (763) 785-6165 – please call ahead)
  • Centerville City Hall
  • East Bethel City Hall
  • Ham Lake City Hall (call and they will set one out for you: (763) 434-9555)
  • Linwood Township Hall
  • Oak Grove City Hall
  • Ramsey City Hall
  • St. Francis City Hall (call and they will set one out for you: (763) 753-2630)

Feel free to call additional city halls to see if they can provide a water test kit.

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