Public Hearing – Lower Rum River Watershed Management Plan

The Lower Rum River Watershed Management Organization (LRRWMO) Board of Managers will host a public hearing on the draft LRRWMO 2022-2031 Watershed Management Plan on Thursday, September 16, 2021 as part of the Board of Managers meeting. The hearing will start at 8:15 am, or shortly thereafter, at Anoka City Hall (2015 First Avenue, Anoka). Those wishing to attend virtually may do so using a the Microsoft Teams link posted at the LRRWMO website in advance of the meeting:

The LRRWMO is a joint powers special purpose unit of government including the cities of Ramsey, Anoka, and portions of Andover (see map at the end of this post). The Board is made up of representatives from each of these cities. This organization seeks to protect and improve lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater, and other water resources across municipal boundaries. All of the LRRWMO’s activities are guided by their Watershed Management Plan.

The draft LRRWMO 2022-2031 Watershed Management Plan was distributed for 60-day review as required in Minnesota Statutes 103B.231 from May 28-July 27, 2021. The draft Plan is currently available at the LRRWMO website. A summary of formal review comments and proposed responses to those comments will be made available at the LRRWMO website ahead of the public meeting.

The public hearing will include discussion of the Plan development process and responses to comments following the 60-day formal review. All are invited to attend the hearing and submit comments, written or verbal, that will become part of the official public hearing record. Please submit written comments electronically to the LRRWMO Engineer by September 15, 2021 at

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