Circle Pines

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The City of Circle Pines was incorporated in 1950 and established their initial water supply facility shortly after in 1958. Today, Circle Pines city water services 100% of the city’s population and comes from 2 municipal wells. One of these wells pumps from the deeper Jordan Sandstone aquifer and the other pumps from the unconsolidated, confined Quaternary-age sand and gravel aquifer.

The City of Circle Pines’ water treatment facility removes iron and manganese from, and adds chlorine and fluoride to, the pumped well water before it is distributed to homes and businesses in the City. Click here to view the Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report for 2020. If you still have questions about Circle Pines’ drinking water after viewing the report, contact Chandra Peterson, Assistant Administrator for Public Services at 763-231-2611 or

Wellhead Protection

In order to protect the City’s wells, the City of Circle Pines has developed a Wellhead Protection Plan, approved by MDH. Most recently, their Part 1 Plan was updated in 2016 and their Part 2 Plan was updated in 2018. Circle Pines was a founding member of the Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group, which was formed in 2010 (although the initial planning group was formed in 1997), and continues to be a participant in the group. If you have questions regarding Circle Pines’ Wellhead Protection Plan, contact Circle Pines’ Public Water Supply Contact, Chandra Peterson, Assistant City Administrator for Public Services, at 763-231-2611 or For more information on Wellhead Protection Plans in general, refer to the MDH Source Water Protection webpage.

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