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Directory of Anoka County Agencies

Learn more about the following agencies:

Anoka County Water Resource Management Task Force

The Anoka County Water Resources Management Task Force is an information-sharing forum for local partners to address water-related goals and emerging issues, and to collaborate with the Public Health and Environmental Services Department on the Anoka County 5-year Water Resources Report. Partners include state and county agencies, watershed management organizations, municipalities, industries, citizen groups, and private citizens. The Task Force hosts speakers and presentations, updates each other on projects, and shares resources towards achieving mutual goals.

Anoka County

Anoka County’s 430 square miles is the fourth largest in the state with
a population of over 330,000 people.  Many functions of the County are
related to the protection and management of our water resources (e.g.
community development, highways and transportation, community health and
environmental services, waste management, parks and recreation, and
public works).

Anoka Conservation District

The Anoka Conservation District provides technical and financial assistance for landowners to manage natural resources in a way that conserves and improves soil and water resources.  ACD maintains an impressive collection of maps and data on natural resources on their Anoka Natural Resources website.


The 21 communities (20 cities and 1 township) have established
comprehensive land use programs that address water resources management
and protection.  As a community grows it establishes and develops
infrastructure systems (e.g. water supply, sanitary sewer, storm water
sewer) that protect and manage our water resources.

Watershed Management Organizations

Formed by the boundaries of drainage basins or municipal lines; Watershed Management Organizations or Watershed Districts (WMO) are involved in managing surface water and drainage through comprehensive planning and permitting of development projects.  The activities of WMOs protect and manage the quality and quantity of local water providing natural environment, recreational amenities, and drinking water to residents and visitors within the watershed.  All areas of Anoka County are within one of the seven (7) watershed management organizations.

Lake Associations

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