Local Watershed Districts and Management Organizations

Watershed districts and watershed management organizations (MWOs) are local units of government and organizations that manage the use and protection of water resources within a given watershed. Water management is done effectively on a watershed basis, as water does not follow political boundaries like states, counties, or cities. Watershed districts engage in activities such as land use planning and implementing flood control and other conservation projects (more information here, from BWSR, and here, from the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts). WMOs are required in the 7-county metro area of Minnesota to develop and implement watershed management plans (more information here, from BWSR).

There are 7 watershed districts and WMOs within Anoka County. See the map below for boundaries.

Click on a link below for more information on a specific watershed district or MWO.

Coon Creek Watershed District

Rice Creek Watershed District

Lower Rum River Watershed Management Organization

Upper Rum River Watershed Management Organization

Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

Vadnais Lake Area Watershed Management Organization

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