Municipal Wellhead Protection

The 21 communities (20 cities and 1 township) have established comprehensive land use programs that address water resources management and protection. As a community grows, it establishes and develops infrastructure systems (e.g. water supply, sanitary sewer, storm water sewer) that protect and manage our water resources.

14* cities and Anoka County have entered a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) to form the Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group. The members of the Group have established an efficient and cost-effective cooperative program to protect the groundwater source of community drinking water systems through jointly implementing common elements of the Wellhead Protection Plans. Click here to view the Group’s Statement of Purpose and Authorization. (*Please note that the group is currently updating their JPA and this document does not reflect the additional cities of Columbus, East Bethel, and Ramsey that are in the process of officially joining the group).

The municipal members of the Group combined their resources and energy to establish the Know the Flow website, which has grown into the collaborative, county-wide resource that it is today. 

Wellhead protection is a program to reduce the impacts of pollution on groundwater near public water supply wells. The community members of the Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group are:

Click on a city to learn more about their Wellhead Protection Plans and for other water-related information.

Group resources can be found here.

Water-related information for cities and townships not currently in the Group can be found by clicking on the following:

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