Conservation For Sustained Water Resources

During a drought (when groundwater, lake and river water levels are down) the thought of conserving water comes to mind.  And mandatory water conservation (e.g. odd-even sprinkling) is necessary for public water suppliers to prevent demand from exceeding the utility’s capacity to deliver water.

Anoka County’s water resources are similar to a public water supply system with a capacity to supply water that, when exceeded, causes unintended and unwanted consequences to water and us.  As our communities (and the metropolitan region) grow the water utilities infrastructure (e.g. wells, water towers, treatment plants, etc.) expand to meet increasing demand.  But our natural environment cannot expand – its capacity remains the same.

In fact, with increasing roofs, roads, and parking lots the land area that naturally permits rain to soak in and replenish groundwater is shrinking.

It is not certain at what point increasing water demand and use in Anoka County will decrease groundwater and lake levels.  It is certain that such an impact will likely result in regulation or prohibition of certain water uses (e.g. lawn watering, car washing, etc.) and mandatory conservation measures for residents.  We have not reached that point.

Our water resource, like all our natural resources, should not be taken for granted or wasted.  Through moderate and sensible water use we can ensure a sustained supply for countless generations. Below is information to help monitor water resources and become efficient in using water:

Conserve Anoka County Water Resources


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