Rum River Elementary is going to the Metro Area Children’s Water Festival

Six (6) fourth grade classes (180 students) from Rum River Elementary will be attending the Metro Area Children’s Water Festival being held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

The Festival is a hands-on learning experience for 1,200 metro area students to learn ways they can help to ensure a future where both the quantity and quality of water resources are protected and managed wisely.

The Metro Area Children’s Water Festival is an education program of the metropolitan counties through the Metro Area Ground Water Alliance (MAGWA). State agencies and the Metropolitan Council cooperate with MAGWA to develop and maintain this unique education program. Individuals, local businesses, and organizations have donated their time, materials, and financial support to maintain a sustained education program that is now in its 16th year.

The 4th grade teachers bringing their classes are: Mrs. Dietz, Mrs. Landry, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Schantzen, Mrs. Taylor and Dr. Conner will attend.

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