Citizen survey for community development

What’s important to you? Anoka County is asking citizens, cities, non-profits, and businesses to rate specific priorities, as related to low- to moderate-income individuals by taking the Citizen Survey. Anoka County Community Development needs your help in preparing their five-year Consolidated Plan.

The Consolidated Plan describes the housing needs of low- and moderate-income residents, outlining strategies to meet those needs and listing all resources available to implement the strategies. The needs listed in the survey include water and environmental health issues including:

  • Neighborhood cleanup
  • Asbestos removal
  • Screening for lead poisoning
  • Cleanup of contaminated sites
  • Water and sewer improvement
  • Tree planting
  • Flood drainage improvement

Responses to the online survey can be submitted until September 12, 2014. For more information contact Anoka County Community Development at 763-323-5764.

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