St. Francis joins other communities to protect groundwater and drinking water

St. Francis has it all with friendly neighborhoods surrounded by scenic rural lands plus clean water that runs down the Rum River – and the groundwater below. The St. Francis City Council resolved to efficiently protect their drinking water supply (groundwater) by cooperating with other communities to implement wellhead protection. Wellhead protection keeps groundwater and wells from being polluted.

The Anoka County Municipal Wellhead Protection Group welcomed St. Francis Public Works, at their August 20th meeting, making St. Francis the tenth municipal partner to cooperate in protecting the groundwater source of the City’s drinking water with Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, Fridley, Lexington, Lino Lakes and Spring Lake Park. Anoka County Environmental Services and the Minnesota Department of Health have joined the Municipal Wellhead Protection Group to keep community water supplies safe from pollution.

Residents and property owners have their part in protecting the source of their drinking water. If not managed properly, home and business chemicals and wastes may also pollute groundwater. Here are ways St. Francis residents can help:

  • Find out if you are in a Drinking Water Protection Area (interactive map)
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste at the Anoka Co drop-off facility (brochure)
  • Seal unused wells using a licensed professional (Video, YouTube 4:36)
  • Maintain your septic system in good working order (brochure)
  • Learn how your family can use water wisely (EPA WaterSense website)

The St. Francis Drinking Water Report  summarizes the water tests performed in 2013 showing that your drinking water meets federal Safe Drinking Water Standards. Do your part to protect the City’s drinking water supply. For more information contact St. Francis Public Works at 763-233-5200.

Attention St. Francis private well owners. The City wants your drinking water to be safe too. You are encouraged to perform an annual water test (kits are available at City Hall) and maintain your home well in good condition (see the Well Owner’s Handbook) .

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