Charting the future for a prosperous Anoka County

You may be hearing about Charting the Future and wondering what this effort is all about or what it really means to your local Anoka County colleges. During the fall semester, initial work of four implementation teams (Student Success, Diversity, Comprehensive Workplace Solutions and System Incentives and Rewards) will be on display — with a request for your feedback. These will be open house-style events for all college constituents to share insights, concerns and ideas. Please find time to participate at:

Work is just beginning for the other four implementation teams (Academic Planning and Collaboration, Competency Certification and Credit for Prior Learning, Education Technology, Information Technology Systems Design) will be shared in spring semester.

This is a defining moment for Minnesota. Just when we needs our colleges and universities more than ever before, we are facing significant challenges that threaten our ability to make good on our core commitments. How we respond to these challenges will determine what the future looks like for our campuses.

Imagine if we worked together to improve transfer, if campuses partnered on marketing to increase the number of students each campus serves, if we collaborated on expanding programs that prepare students for the careers of tomorrow.

Clearly, we’re working together, but it’s not enough. Imagine what would be possible if we not only allowed but encouraged and even expected this kind of cooperation. The recommendations drafted with input from over 5,000 students, faculty, and staff in Charting the Future gives us the roadmap for how we can break down silos and work together in new ways to better serve students and communities across our state, strengthen our colleges and universities, and protect their unique character and autonomy.

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