Information is power. The power to protect drinking water

Public Water Suppliers are a part of Minnesota’s program to protect public health. In Anoka County, 265 cities and businesses operate their public water supply to serve an adequate supply of safe drinking water to their residents and customers. Information, training and certification of the people that operate water systems ensures that the water distributed to homes, schools, businesses, churches, restaurants and hotels meet a high public health standard. To keep water system operators up-to-date on the latest information and methods to protect drinking water the Minnesota Department of Health (Drinking Water Protection unit) publishes a regular newsletter for different classes of public water suppliers.

The Waterline Newsletter Logo

The Waterline  The Waterline is a quarterly newsletter for water operators, city officials,and others interested in news related to public water systems in Minnesota. The Waterline includes updates on training sessions along with a registration form for various operator schools as well as feature stories of interest to those in the drinking-water profession.

The NonCom Scoop Newsletter Logo

The NonCom Scoop  The NonCom Scoop newsletter is targeted to assist the owners and operators of Minnesota’s “noncommunity public water systems” – such as schools, churches, resorts, restaurants and other businesses that have their own water supply – in providing safe drinking water. It includes tips for water system operation, regulatory updates, operator training schedules, and feature stories on noncommunity public water systems.

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