America recycles day (Nov. 15th)

PlasticBottle-PETHey everyone, I’m a bottle.

There’s lots of bottles like me out there. Some of us are plastic, some are glass. And let me tell you a little secret, we don’t always get along with each other! The glass guys are like all “hey, I’m all shiny and fancy” especially those French wine bottles… but then the plastic ones are all “hey, we’re lightweight and fit in your cup holder.”

Did you know that by recycling me I can become an Anoka County park bench or fiber for a new Andover High School sweatshirt? It’s true! Recycling gives products new life and saves energy, creates jobs and… hey… who wants to spend eternity in a landfill?

Join all of us bottles on November 15th in celebrating America Recycles Day. But don’t stop with just one day. Recycle EVERY day. Because once I get recycled, there are a lot of other bottles, cans, newspapers, mobile phones and other things that are counting on you to give your garbage a new and useful life.

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