MnTAP Water Conservation Project for Business and Industry

Water conservation not only helps to preserve an important natural resource – it’s good business. NOW there is an opportunity to have a engineering intern help a business conserve water as it improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Your company may be paying twice for the water it uses. First, to purchase the water coming into your facility. Then, the water leaving your facility to a wastewater treatment plant. Exposing these costs helps a company to better understand an often overlooked expense.

The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) located at the University of Minnesota has announced the launch of a project to identify water conservation opportunities. The project focuses on industries in the North and East Metro Groundwater Management Area. This area was established by the Department of Natural Resources in need of attention for maintaining sustainable water supplies. The MnTAP project includes:

  • Identification of industrial water users
  • Outreach and awareness raising of the importance of water conservation, including a frequent electronic newsletter with tips for best practices and presentations to area organizations
  • Assessments of industrial site water use with recommendations for improvement by MnTAP staff members

Water conservation has received significant attention from agency, public, and media sources in recent years., This project will focus on water conservation solutions to maintain sustainable supplies of clean water for all users. A MnTAP water conservation project at Federal Cartridge Company in Anoka resulted in 10% reduction in annual total plant wastewater discharge and a total savings of $22,300 per year (see factsheet).

Your business may be able to address water conservation and energy efficiency sooner with the help of a MnTAP intern. An intern can make suggestions that improve efficiency, save money, reduce waste, and decrease regulatory compliance burden. Also, an intern has the time and creativity to research alternative equipment, procedures, chemicals, and raw materials.

If you are interested in getting involved in this water conservation project (at  no cost to your business) contact Mick Jost (MnTAP Program Coordinator) at 612-624-4694.

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