Grants available for small public water suppliers

The Minnesota Department of Health announces the availability of grants to support Source Water Protection (SWP) of noncommunity transient public water suppliers. See announcement (link).

Noncommunity Transient public water systems serve at least 25 people at least 60 days per year, but not the same 25 people over that period of time. Food and lodging establishments that own and operate an on-site well and water system are eligible for this category of grant.

The SWP grants for noncommunity transient systems shall:

  • Support wellhead protection measures that address a potential contamination source that presents a high risk to a source of drinking water as determined by the MDH;
  • Have a maximum amount of $10,000, which may be increased to $30,000 when three or more public water suppliers apply under the same application; and
  • Require an equal financial cost share amount;

Noncommunity Transient Grant: Request for Proposal and Application Form

Noncommunity Transient Grant: Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about this grant opportunity contact Ms. Cristina Covalschi (SWP Grant Coordinator) Telephone: 651-201-4696, e-mail:

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