Well Sealing Cost-share Grants Available

It comes as a surprise to many Anoka County residents and businesses that they have an old unused well on their property. Many homes and businesses were (and are) constructed before municipal water was available. So, a well is constructed to serve the building. As city water reaches the property, the well is replaced by a connection to the water utility. The house well was buried and forgotten – but not sealed according the state standards.

Attention: Property owners in Blaine, Circle Pines, Lexington and Lino Lakes (including Centerville) are eligible for a cost-share grant to seal their unused well. This grant is available for a limited time. Contact the city Wellhead Protection Manager to obtain a well sealing cost-share grant application:

The problem: pollution can enter a corroded/damaged well and rapidly flow down into aquifers used by other nearby wells (possibly a city well) that are believed to be safe because they are deep.

The solution: have old wells sealed when they are no longer needed and no longer in use. State law requires that all unused wells be sealed by a licensed well contractor. ALSO, state law requires that all wells on a property be disclosed to the buyer and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) at the time of sale (MN Stat. 103I.235). View Sealing Your Unused Well (YouTube; 4:17)

You have help: the protection of groundwater and drinking water wells is in everyones interest.

  • Many cities are considering a cost-share grant (up to 50%) program to help seal unused wells and protect the safety of the city’s drinking water. Contact the utilities department (city hall) to learn about current and future programs to assist you in locating and sealing your unused well.
  • Anoka County Community Development is offering low-interest loans to qualified applicants to seal wells. For information go to the Ag. Best Management Practices webpage or contact Barb McKusick at 763-323-5722.
  • Check out the list of well contractors that seal wells in your area. You should contact two or more contractors to obtain bids for competitive costs.
  • For information on well sealing contact Bart Biernat at Anoka County Environmental Services (763-422-6985, Bart.Biernat@co.anoka.mn.us).

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