Protect Your Groundwater Day – Sept. 8, 2015

On Protect Your Groundwater Day (September 8, 2015) the National Ground Water Association urges you to take action to protect an important natural resource — groundwater.

When it comes to hazardous household substances:

When it comes to water conservation:

  • Modify your water use to conserve
  • Install a water efficient plumbing fixtures to save water, energy and money.

If you own  a water well

  • Test your water well annually (Anoka County Environmental Health).
  • Move possible contamination sources a safe distance from the wellhead.
  • Get your septic system cleaned and inspected every other year.
  • Properly seal abandoned wells (MN Dept of Health, YouTube; 4:36) because they can funnel polluted water into groundwater, a neighbor’s well or a nearby municipal well.
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