Septic Smart Week (Sept. 21-25, 2015)

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During SepticSmart Week homeowners are reminded to regularly pump their septic tank(s) every 2 years (3 years minimum) and protect their drain field from digging and damage by heavy vehicles and machinery.

One in five Anoka County homes have a well and septic on their property.  Maintaining a septic system is important because the sewage we put down the drain must be cleaned up before it gets into groundwater, wells and the water that we drink. Plus, a properly constructed and maintained septic system reduces pollution while recycling water back into our natural environment.

For most home and cabin wells, the nearest source of possible water pollution and dangerous bacteria is their septic system. Septic systems that are not maintained in good working order not only hurt the environment but risk your family’s health. Plus, you may be flushing thousands of dollars down the drain by damaging your septic system!

For information on septic systems see the Pumping and Maintenance of Septic Systems (YouTube video, 4:20), register for a septic system class, or contact the Anoka County Extension Service office at 763-755-1280. For information on testing the safety of your home well go to the Anoka County Environmental Services Well Water Testing webpage or call 763-422-7063.

It isn’t difficult to maintain a septic system. Just like a wastewater treatment plant, homeowners have to keep their system in good condition to keep it working right. All it takes is regular maintenance. For financial assistance in repairing your septic system go to the Agricultural Best Management Practices Loan webpage or call Anoka County Community Development at 763-323-5722.

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