Water Festival Learning for the Classroom & National Art Challenge

Attention elementary and environmental educators. The Metro Area Children’s Water Festival is offering a special WET (Water Education for Teachers) workshop to provide teachers with the hands-on program of getting students “immersed” in water knowledge (KARE11 report). This indoor/outdoor workshop is designed for teachers, naturalists and other educators interested in the CWF curriculum and activities. Participants will develop and expand their lessons using the WET programmed materials and experienced presenters and water festival organizers.

  • When: August 2, 2016 (9am to 4pm)
  • Where: Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (2522 Marshall St NE, Mpls, MN 55418)
  • Who should participate: elementary teachers, education coordinators, 4H leaders, park naturalists, community education specialists, and non-formal educators.

The annual Metro Area Children’s Water Festival holds a lottery drawing in the spring to select 44 fourth-grade classes to participate. Sadly, many classes are not selected. This workshop will provide another opportunity for teachers and educators to prepare for the 2016 CWF or to deliver water lessons, facts and answers inside the classroom.

For more information see the Registration Announcement or call Madeline Seveland (Carver County Watershed Management Organization) at 952-361-1829. Certificate or 12 CEUs or 1 graduate college credit is provided to those who complete the training.

Wyland National Art Challenge “Water Is Life” Educational leaders and teachers are invited to take part in the 4th Annual Wyland National Art Challenge (Oct 1. -Dec 1). Sign up before Aug. 15 to win 1 of 100 free mural canvases for your classroom to participate in a nationwide environmental mural and individual art contest with the theme of conservation. To enter your class, simply fill out the form on the Wyland National Art Challenge website. Canvas winners will be announced on that site.

Wyland National Art Challenge

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