Waterspot on Anoka County Waste Management

With the growth of Twin Cities in the early 1900s, solid waste became a municipal concern. In many cases a “town dump” was established to bring order to the growing volume of residential waste that often posed a neighborhood sanitation and public health concern. “Burn barrels” were a way to reduce the volume of waste collecting in yards and hauled to the town dump.

After World War II, Anoka County communities experienced decades of rapid growth and a shift to disposable products. In 1973, Anoka County established a Solid Waste Management Ordinance. As a result, dumps were replaced by “sanitary landfills” regulated by Anoka County Environmental Services to reduce potential threats to human health and natural resources.

The growth of chemicals used in industrial processes created concern with hazardous wastes. In 1985 Anoka County established its Hazardous Waste Management Ordinance. Businesses and institutions are required to dispose of their hazardous wastes in a way that does not damage natural resources or pollute water.

In 1988 Anoka County established the Recycling and Resource Solutions Unit (originally Integrated Waste Management) to coordinate recycling and waste reduction with municipal and business partners. The trend from burying garbage to recycling and sustainable use continues:

For more information about recycling opportunities check out the Recycling and Disposal Directory or see the Residential Recycling Opportunities person in your community. For recycling answers call Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solution at 763-323-5790.

In the 1960s, a backyard "burn barrel" was used to reduce the volume of garbage collected at homes and waste hauled to the town dump.

The 1960s backyard “burn barrel.”

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