Take the pledge to protect and preserve water

Take The Water Pledge

Governor Mark Dayton has announced a “Year of Water Action” Stewardship Pledge, which will last throughout the year. The pledge calls for Minnesotans to rethink how water impacts daily life and the lives of future generations.

About the Water Stewardship Pledge!  Governor Dayton’s “Year of Water Action” Stewardship Pledge, asks Minnesotans to affirm their commitment to:

  • Consider how water impacts daily life (what you’d do without water),
  • Use water efficiently and wisely in everyday activities,
  • Learn what you can do to protect and preserve water,
  • Factor water use efficiency and protection into choices, and
  • Talk about clean water protection and preservation.

To help you make and reach your pledge, you’ll get tips on “5 Things Minnesotans Can Do” and “5 Things Kids Can Do” to protect and preserve Minnesota’s water.

Minnesotans are encouraged to use social media to find additional tips and share their own stories on how they are preserving and protecting Minnesota’s water by using #WaterActionMN.

The “Year of Water Action” calls for local-community action

While local governments play an important role in protecting and conserving water quality, they can’t do it alone. Residents, communities, businesses and local organizations must decide to commit to water action. Most land is privately-owned and private water usage comprises the majority of consumption in the state. The conservation and protection of sustained local water resources benefits the community. The locally-lead efforts are essential to protecting and conserving water quality.

Throughout the next year, Governor Dayton will highlight ways to take action to preserve and protect water resources. Each month will focus on a different facet and important role water plays in our state’s health, economy and overall way of life.

Make a difference in your community by volunteering:

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