Wargo Nature Center photo contest

Wargo Photo Contest (capture)

Wargo Nature Center would like to display creative photography involving the natural world around us. This contest will run from October 1st—December 31st. All submissions will be online and winners will be notified Friday, January 9th, 2017.

Enter online. You must be a MN resident. Submit up to 2 digital color photos. Must be your original photo, no copyrighted photos. Photos must be taken in MN; Anoka County preferred but not required. All Ages (parent must sign for minors). Categories Include: Nature scenery, Wildlife, Wildflowers, People enjoying nature (you will be responsible for permission) Any submissions including the following will be disqualified: Captive wildlife or domestic animals, inappropriate content, photos that endanger/disrespect animals or people.

The judges are Wargo Nature Center staff. They will judge each photo based on which ones they feel fit the space best. This is meant to be a fun contest that will display local photographers recreational and professional.

There will be 6 winners and each winner will receive a WNC T-shirt and Water bottle. The names of each contestant will be displayed with their photo in the area that photo is displayed.

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