Order your rain barrel & compost bin to recycle rainwater and reduce waste

Have you noticed a river of rainwater run down your driveway into the gutter, ditch, or storm sewer? Collecting rain-soft roof runoff in a barrel is a good way to reuse/conserve high quality water. Rain barrels have been around for thousands of years, but today people are re-discovering that they also protect our local water while saving money on water bills and having a ready source of natural rainwater to nurture plants and gardens (instead of hard groundwater from wells, chlorine from treated public water or sodium salt-softener water).

The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) is holding a series of events to distribute rain barrels and compost bins. Pre-order a rain barrel, compost bin, or both on the RAM website and then pick up your order at the event of your choice. Some local distribution events include:

  • Sat. 9am-2pm on April 22nd at the Green Expo at National Sports Center [order]*
  • Fri. 8am-5pm on April 28th at City of Hugo Public Works [order]
  • Sat. 8am-Noon on April 29th at City of Anoka Public Works [order]*

*Anoka County residents are eligible for $20 reduction in the cost of the compost bin at the Green Expo and City of Anoka Public Works events.

For more information, please contact Beth at 651-641-4589 or email: ram@recycleminnesota.org.

EDUCATORS: consider installing a rain barrel at your school as a practical tool to demonstrate the sustainable use of water resources outside the classroom window. Contact your local watershed management organization or the Anoka Conservation District to learn about education grants that may be available.

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