WDE Landfill Update – Drum Layer Removal Complete

The WDE Landfill is a closed hazardous waste pit in Andover that is managed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

For background information and the history of the WDE landfill, click here.

Site clean-up began this past summer of 2019. Below is the most recent update on the project from the MPCA:

“On October 10, 2019 the WDE Landfill reached a significant milestone when crews completed removal of the drum layer in the hazardous waste pit. The drum layer excavation is the most complex portion of the project and presented the highest risk. We are pleased this task was completed safely and without incident. The following was removed:

  • 1,425 empty or non-intact drums
  • 397 drums with recoverable contents
  • 225 cubic yards of empty drums
  • 4,270 tons of non-hazardous soil
  • 1,080 tons of hazardous waste soil

This project is on track to excavate the pit and fill with clean soil as well as remove the temporary enclosure by Thanksgiving. Final transport of the removed soils will likely continue through the end of the calendar year.”

For more information, click here to reach the project website.

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