New Video – Our Groundwater Connection: Contamination

This past summer, the video “Our Groundwater Connection” was posted by the Anoka County Water Resource Outreach Collaborative.

Yesterday, a second video was released, called “Our Groundwater Connection: Contamination”. This video builds on the information viewers learned from the first video, focusing on contamination. The video explains different sources of pollution, how pollutants travel and build up over time, and what happens when wells become contaminated. It also explains how to prevent pollution, since we all have a role to play. As the video states, “Everyone has the responsibility to stop contamination from getting into our groundwater. When we work together to prevent pollution, we can ensure clean drinking water now, and for many generations to come.”

The project was only possible due to the members of the Water Resource Outreach Collaborative pooling their resources. The Collaborative would like to say thank you to our partners from Washington County Public Health and Environment and the Minnesota Department of Health for their input.

Check out the video below!

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