Water protection and management in your community

Anoka County communities have established water resource management programs with their watershed management organization or a watershed district. The City’s surface water management programs deal with broad land runoff (“nonpoint” source) and specific wastewater (“point” source) pollution. Point source pollution includes the discharge of treated wastewater effluent through a pipe. Nonpoint sources of pollution result from many of the everyday activities and actions of people. These include applying fertilizer to lawns in an amount that exceeds what the grass can use, plowing an agricultural field such that erosion results, blowing grass clippings into the street, or driving a car that exhausts improperly burned hydrocarbons or leaks oil. All these add up to major nonpoint source pollution loading of our receiving waters.

Wellhead Protection programs are a City’s means to address groundwater pollution near water wells that can contaminate the source of the community’s drinking water supply.  Our water resources are an important part of our lives and your city is taking measures to ensure that we have clean and plentiful water now and in the future.


For information about how your community is addressing the management and protection of local water resources see their website, plans, or contact the city clerk for more information:

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