Pollution Prevention (P2) week

During National Pollution Prevention (P2) week (Sept. 15 – 21, 2014) Americans are asked to consider their everyday decisions that generate pollution. The best way to protect Anoka County’s natural and water resources is to stop creating pollution in the first place. Pollution Prevention (P2) Week highlights community efforts to make pollution prevention a cornerstone of sustainability. Everyday choices will make the difference:

  • Don’t dispose of useable items. Use the Recycling and Disposal Directory.
  • Profile your home’s energy efficiency with the EnergyStar Home Advisor.
  • Communities offer recycling services that may includes curbside collection. It can’t be any easier than that!
  • Household hazardous wastes must be handled carefully to prevent contamination of our environment and our water resources. Anoka County operates the Household Hazardous Waste Facility for residents to drop off these wastes for proper disposal, no charge.
  • Minnesota laws limits dumping leaves and clippings into landfills. Composting is a process that allows naturally occurring microbes to convert home and yard waste to a useful organic soil amendment or mulch. Go to Anoka County Composting (webpage) for more information.
  • Calculate your water savings using water-efficient EPA WaterSense certified products.
  • Businesses can get cash from their trash while preventing pollution. Go to the Anoka County Commercial Recycling (webpage) for more information.

For information on Minnesota’s P2 program checkout the Pollution Prevention (webpage).

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