Anoka Conservation District clean water projects

The Anoka Conservation District is involved in a number of projects using Clean Water Land and Legacy Funds to protect and manage Anoka County’s land and water resources. Protecting Minnesota’s waters is a joint effort between state and local agencies, who collaborate and partner on water resource management activities under the Clean Water Fund.

Thirty-three percent of the sales tax revenue from the Legacy amendment is allocated to the Clean Water Fund. Those funds may only be spent to protect, enhance, and restore water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams and to protect groundwater from degradation.

The Clean Water Roadmap is a set of goals for protecting and restoring Minnesota’s water resources during the 25-year life of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

Anoka Conservation Dist. Active Projects:

Finished Legacy Fund Projects:

For more information contact the Anoka Conservation District at 763-434-2030.

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