Rum River water quality project completed

The Rum River is an important watershed corridor between Mille Lacs Lake and the Mississippi River. Erosion adds more than 250,000 pounds of sediment to the Rum every year in a length of the river recently acquired by Anoka County and designated the Cedar Creek Conservation Area. This year, Anoka County Parks Department and the Anoka Conservation District with the support of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Fund completed a River Bank Stabilization Project that will reduce sediment entering the Rum River by 286,875 pounds per year.


“The Rum River is a crucial corridor for water quality, habitat, recreation, and the fishing we in Minnesota know and love, both upstream and downstream,” said Anoka County Commissioner Matt Look, an avid outdoorsman. “Shoring up this section of river bank and slowing down the river’s trajectory at times when it’s roaring with rainfall will help maintain and restore the water quality for generations.” 

Other projects in the Rum River Watershed include:

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