MWMO’s New “Path to the River” Tool

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) recently published a blog post about their new Path to the River tool, which is also embedded into their new stormwater Story Map.

The tool allows residents to see exactly how water flows from their street into the river, including the path it takes, how fast it moves, and the amount of pollution it carries, by simply clicking on a point on a map of the watershed. If runoff is being captured and treated by a known stormwater best management practice, the tool will also show that.

[Click on the photo to enlarge]

The Path to the River tool is also embedded into a new Story Map, which “highlights how our changing landscapes impact water quality, and showcases the MWMO’s water quality monitoring program and green infrastructure projects”. It should be noted that the Path to the River tool included in the Story Map is slightly different than the main tool.

For more information on the tool and its background, see the full MWMO blog post by Nick Busse, Communications Principal. The post also includes a YouTube video introducing the tool and demonstrating how to use it.

Click here to go to the Path to the River tool.

Click here to go to the Story Map.

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