New Videos Explaining One Watershed One Plan Program

Previous posts on Know the Flow and around the web have discussed or mentioned the One Watershed, One Plan program (1W1P). The 1W1P program is administered by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) and its purpose is to “develop comprehensive watershed management plans for Minnesota’s major watersheds*.”

Last week, BWSR released a series of short videos that explain what the 1W1P program is all about. The 5 videos discuss the following:

  • What is One Watershed, One Plan?
  • Three Big Ideas
  • Roles, Committees, and Commitments
  • A Brief History of Watershed Management in Minnesota
  • Making Choices to Show Results

These videos are a great introduction to the 1W1P program, as well as general watershed management! Find them on the BWSR website here.

* There are 3 major watersheds that overlap with the boundaries of Anoka County: the Lower St. Croix, Mississippi, and Rum River watersheds. The Lower St. Croix‘s Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan was approved by BWSR in October of 2020 and the Rum River watershed is currently in the planning process.

For more information on the 1W1P program, see the website.

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