University of Minnesota Stormwater Program Annual Report and MPCA SSTS Bulletin

University of Minnesota Stormwater Program Annual Report

The University of Minnesota Stormwater Research and Technology Transfer program has released their annual highlights report. Click here to read the report.

Click here read more about urban stormwater at the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center (WRC). WRC urban stormwater efforts focus on research, Extension education, and technology transfer to industry professionals and all levels of government to prevent, minimize, and mitigate the effects of runoff from the built environment.

MPCA October 2021 SSTS Bulletin

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) publishes a quarterly e-newsletter called the SSTS (subsurface sewage treatment systems) Bulletin. The following topics are included in the October 2021 bulletin:

  • 2020 SSTS Annual Report
    • Number of compliant septic systems up from 401,000 in 2011 to 505,600 today
    • More than 1,500 businesses licensed, 9,000 individuals certified
  • Be SepticSmart
  • Non-SSTS waste streams
    • Dog kennel facilities and SSTS
    • When possible, separate non-sewage waste streams
    • Some options for separating waste streams
    • If separation isn’t an option, design SSTS accordingly
  • Certification and training
    • Renewal flexibility ends Dec. 31
    • No more than half of continuing ed hours can be online
    • Volunteer opportunity to assist with exam pilot sessions
  • Plumbing code and SSTS
    • Who can perform the installation of outside water and sewer services within the property lines?
    • What work are septic professionals authorized to do for buildings served by SSTS systems?
  • Staff update
  • Installers, read this now, ‘tank’ us later
  • Help us help you. Share your ideas for continuing education content

Click here to read the October 2021 SSTS Bulletin.

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